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Comfort Storage
2309 S Spring Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone: (605) 250-2552

Who We Are

Owners of Comfort Storage have been operating self-storage facilities for over 6 years. Our location on Spring Avenue has made use of a converted building to provide the most convenient storage in Sioux Falls, and therefore the best value.

The climate controlled storage units provided by Comfort Storage are the most convenient and secure choice for your belongings and valuables. Along with our humidity control, our 24/7 surveillance and interior facing doors give you peace of mind that the items you put in storage will be the same items you take out

Why Us?

Our temperature and humidity controlled building provide the greatest protection for your belongings. Non-climate storage units can fluctuate between -20 and 120 degrees depending on the season, which means warped furniture, musty clothes, and melted plastic. All ground floor unit, so no long trips up and elevator or worse...stairs. We also provide carts and dollies to effortlessly take your belongings to and from your unit. All of our unit doors are interior facing which means no SD wind letting snow/rain sneak in and tighter security from mischievous drive-by traffic.